Commissionng & Start Up of Process Plant :

Commissionng & Start Up of Process Plant :


The purpose of this course is to provide the attendees with a comprehensive knowledge on how to receive, store, prepare and commission equipment in the petrochemical industry. The intent is to learn how to minimize start-up issues using a structured approach leading to a successful plant start-up. This course is designed for all disciplines that are involved in plant commissioning. It is ideal for Operations, Maintenance and Engineering personnel.




 The objectives of this program are to provide participants with an awareness of the unique challenges associated with plant start-up and commissioning situations, an understanding of the key concepts, tools and techniques that can be used to facilitate the effective planning, execution, control and management of these situations. Participants completing this program should be able to contribute confidently to the planning and execution of effective strategies for plant commissioning and start-up in their own specific work and process plant situations. Objectives include building knowledge and understanding of:

  • The six key stages of the commissioning process
  • How to develop and overall commissioning and plant start-up strategy
  • How to deal with machinery and equipment specific commissioning issues
  • How to manage issues dealing with the commissioning of Electrical, Instrumentation and Utilities Systems
  • How to develop an overall commissioning management plan, resource plan and budget.
  • How to apply troubleshooting and problem solving strategies to address issues commonly a rising during startup and commissioning
  • How to manage risks associated with commissioning. 



This intensive course addresses the needs of a diverse audience with an interest in Plant Start-up and Commission, including:

  • General Managers who have oversight responsibility for Plant Start-up and Commissioning
  •  Operations and Maintenance Managers with direct line responsibility as well as staff support responsibility for delivering on effective Plant Start-up and Commissioning
  •  Plant Start-up and Commissioning Managers and Engineers
  •  Technical personnel involved in supporting Plant Start-up and Commissioning activities
  •  Supervisors and Engineers, both operations and maintenance who are involved or likely to be involved in Plant Start-up and Commissioning situations


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