Joint Ventures between Local and Foreign Partners :

Joint Ventures between Local and Foreign Partners :


To ensure awareness of counterparties’philosophies and approaches as a basis for developing skills and implementing own winning objectives and strategy.





  • Understand the strategy behind joint ventures and be able to identify the approach that is right for your company
  • Gain a thorough grounding in the legal and contractual aspects of joint ventures and enhance your contract negotiations skills
  • Learn how to assess potential joint ventures partners in order to minimize risk
  • Gasp the challenges of staffing and managing joint ventures involving different types of organizations and cultures
  • Gain insight into how joint ventures work in practice
  • Discover the tools and techniques that will maximize the long termvalue of joint ventures for your business


Target Audience:

  • Senior Managers involved in current or upcoming JV negotiations
  • Commercial and business development managers
  • In-house counsel and attorneys specializing in negotiating and managing international agreements
  • Executives of petroleum service companies and engineering firms


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